SITES boasts a wide range of tools in various areas of expertise so that customers are guaranteed effective, reliable support and independent results. SITES invests significantly in R&D in order to constantly offer customers technically and financially efficient solutions. Digital solutions are prioritised in our developments.

Drone-assisted aerial inspections

Data acquisition in difficult-to-access areas (e.g.: altitude, restricted space), reduction of operating constraints and risks, fault mapping / geometric monitoring, fault archiving and X, Y, Z positioning for temporal monitoring

Ultra HD digital reconstruction of tunnels and shafts

Semi-automated 360° HD image acquisition for digitisation, significant reduction in operating constraints, 3D modelling for geometric tracking, HD orthophotography for inspections  

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Instrumentation monitoring platform

Secure 24/7 encrypted access, views of all measurements and their structural locations, analysis tools, alerts, statistics

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3D scanner

Identify structures/industrial facilities’ condition using high-precision 3D measurements

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Sensor for checking movements in large structures

Automated measurement, use of a pendulum, topographic target calibration and photogrammetry for movement detection, remote data collection, robust high-precision sensors

Connected crack monitoring sensor

Autonomous sensor / long service life, crack development / temperature measurement, manual collection or GSM connection

Computer-aided inspection and survey application

Integration of database with customer references (range, plan, nomenclature, etc.), reporting of defects observed in the field in real time via tablet, characterisation and location of faults, report generation and database enrichment

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Internet platform for visualising structures and inspections

Simplified office access to structural digitisation, layered visualisation of damage and analyses, digital archiving for temporal monitoring of structural behaviour

Real-time and remote inspection solutions

Inspection via high resolution video camera, real-time report production, 2D fault mapping, fault archiving and X, Y, Z positioning for temporal monitoring


OASIS is a digital solution for recording monitoring data during construction projects. Via a modern and interactive interface that can be used on a PC or touchscreen tablet, the application can create a works monitoring programme, fill in monitoring sheets, and produce reports (on progress of monitoring, statistics, etc.)

Dim Master dimensional metrology

Computer software to assist measurement operators and engineers with calculations during key measurement phases Dim Master training: Operator / Measurement range editor / Expert