A global, independent partner working for the sustainability of exceptional structural assets


SITES is a structural health monitoring pioneer and a specialist engineering company dedicated to infrastructure performance and service life. SITES’ engineers, assessors and technicians strive to make exceptional structural assets sustainable as they age and they are used and operated, and to manage their impact on the neighbouring environment.

Ensuring future sustainability

Based on in-situ investigations into structures and stakeholders, analyses and calculations, SITES diagnoses structures’ actual condition, monitors their development, and recommends and ensures upgrades are correctly implemented, thereby guaranteeing safe, sustainable use and avoiding any unexpected operational interruptions or costly repairs.

SITES key figures

400+ employees
35+ years of experience
+30% growth over the last 5 years
Over 1,000 structures monitored each year
10% of turnover in R&D
6 branches offices in France
2 subsidiaries in China and South Africa (+Saudi Arabia in 2020)