Nuclear power facilities
Nuclear research facilities
Nuclear island
Conventional island
Balance Of Plant
Cooling tower
Water works, etc.


Roadways: tunnels, toll stations, roads, signage, viaducts, bridges, walkways, etc.
Rail/metro: railways, overhead lines, equipment, tunnels, etc.
Maritime and inland waterways: Quays, dykes, locks, canals, gantries, etc.
Air: airport structures and buildings, etc.


Oil & gas: refineries (flares, chimneys, storage tanks), oil platforms, pipelines, LNG terminals, storage facilities, unloading quays
Hydro power: Dams, reservoirs
Power plants: chimneys, storage tanks

High-security industries

Manufacturing plants, chemicals, oil & gas, agri-food, pumping stations
Telecom masts, pylons, SEVESO sites, reservoirs, silos, equipment and materials, etc.

Natural sites

Mountainous areas, coastal monitoring, watersheds, etc.


Heritage sites & historical monuments

Historic sites, religious buildings, heritage structures, foundations, museums, cultural and architectural sites, stadiums, theme parks, etc.

Buildings & living environments

Architectural heritage, housing, offices, public buildings, high-rise properties, service-sector buildings, warehouses, etc.

Defence & research centres

Internal laboratories, external laboratories, etc.