Sustainability engineering

SITES draws on a wide range of skills in order to respond to the complex, multiple issues our customers encounter throughout their structures’ lifespan:

Services SITES

Structural calculations, BIM, recommendations, structural risk analyses, vulnerability studies, maintenance plans, assessments, recalculations, diagnostics, etc.

Structural health monitoring, IoT, periodic structural inspections, vibratory and seismic assessment, etc.

Preventive monitoring of structures during operation, diagnostics and assessments, inspections of inaccessible areas, structural visits and audits, etc.

Metrology, topometry, NDE/NDT, televisuals, drones, mapping, scanning, digital cloning of structures and installations, enclosure tests, coating control, Ground Penetrating Radar investigations, dynamic analyses, etc.

Monitoring and coordination of civil engineering sites, roads and utilities, paintwork, fire protection projects, etc.

SITES can export its services in France and all over the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.