Structural Monitoring Church

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On behalf of the City of Sens, SITES carries out structural monitoring and surveillance of Saint-Maurice Church of Sens (89). Located on the banks of the Yonne river, this French heritage site dates back to the 12th century and has been listed as a Historic Monument since 1915.

A team specialising in structural monitoring from our Paris agency visited the site to deploy a wireless instrumentation system. Set up for an initial period of 24 months, the system will make it possible to monitor and prevent a possible tilt of the western parts of the building due in particular to pressure from the nave’s vaults and arches.

Structural Monitoring of a church

To carry out this monitoring mission, our experts focused on the use of wireless sensors, which are autonomous and minimally invasive, and can be installed without damaging the almost one-thousand-year-old stones. 4 inclinometers and 2 laser telemeters were installed at a height of 8 m in the heart of the building. The inclinometers are used to check the tilt of the western pediment compared to the nearest columns, while the laser rangefinders are used to identify any change in the gap between the western pediment and the columns.

All these measurement data are correlated with temperature measurements and centralised by a gateway on our Simon-E® monitoring web platform.

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