Surveillance and monitoring of the Louvre Pyramid

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Since the construction of the Great Pyramid of the Louvre, SITES has provided an appropriate response to the problems of structural monitoring by deploying a global strategy for monitoring and monitoring the structure. The objective: control, monitor and analyse the development of its health over time.

More than 30 years later, SITES experts are still mobilized to monitor the structure continuously and periodically with the deployment of multiple advanced skills and technologies: instrumentation and monitoring by sensors, inspection, photographic coverage by drone with an automated flight provided by Sterblue, modeling and 3D scanner surveys, topometric surveys, creation of a BIM model in partnership with TPLM3D.

🎥 For the occasion, Pierre CARREAUD, engineer specializing in 3D imaging and optical measurements, looks back at the stages of our last survey campaign in June 2020. :

Congratulations to all of our employees and thank you to the Musée du Louvre teams for their trust.

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